Get Inspired!

Get Inspired!

It was Saturday morning and as my normal routine, I began planning out my day; thinking of things that needs to get done and how I plan to accomplish those tasks. In addition, I normally take time to reflect on or ponder some meaningful thoughts to encourage myself and others. This Saturday I began hearing the phrase “Get Inspired.” So, I set off to find resources and articles on the web that discusses and help people to get inspired.

After a reading a few articles, I stopped my research and just asked myself this simple question, “How do you get inspired?” When I looked at it that way it made more sense. I thought, “What inspires you just may inspire others the same.” So, here are some things that gets me inspired:

  • Knowing my purpose. This one is big for me. What drives me is knowing (or least having a good idea) of my purpose in life. My purpose in life is not just for me and maybe few others. It’s bigger than me. I get inspired every time I think of my purpose. You were created for something, for a reason and I guarantee you that reason is bigger than what you could imagine. Know your purpose, live your purpose and you’ll get inspired.
  • Having clear and achievable goals in mind. It just does something for me if I have something to work towards. For example, I like to know when something is due. If I have a due date, I’m more likely to be successful in completing that task because I know someone is expecting something at the end of the due date.  Set for yourself clear and achievable goals and you will more likely get inspired.
  • Adequate planning and preparation. If its one thing I learned from corporate America, if you’re not prepared; if you don’t plan you won’t be motivated and you won’t succeed. I regularly jot or write down my thoughts and plans. When I don’t, inspiration seems to be non-existent. Not only does planning and preparing helps inspire you, it makes what you’re inspired about more attainable. So, write down your thoughts, layout your plan and inspiration will only be a few pages away.
  • Reading other inspirational stories. I remember reading a book on becoming a public speaker, life coach and the like. That book really inspired me. This site, is result of me being inspired by reading other inspirational stories. We all tend to feed off of other people’s energy, life stories, and testimonies of achieving the impossible. Stories like these make us feel that if others can do why can’t we. In fact, you can, but you need to get inspired.
  • Inspiring Others. You may say how can this be, “How can I inspire others when I have no inspiration of my own?” Well, that’s the beauty of it all. As you inspire others, the same motivation and encouragement you’re offering will take hold of you. I remember encouraging someone a few months back. I was telling him “you can do it, there’s nothing stopping you”. I thought afterwards, “Man! If he can do it, I know I can do it” To say the least I was “pumped” and immediately became inspired. Regardless of how you feel, inspire others to pursue their dreams. Soon you’ll be inspired the same.
  • Dream. Oh! how we love to dream. We dream about going on the vacation we see advertise on TV. We dream about owning the big house on the hill. We dream about being able to do anything and buy anything we want. Don’t you? I do. Within reason, of course. Then dream about finishing school or getting that big promotion. Dream about succeeding at this great invention you’ve been carrying around in your mind for so many years. Dream big and get inspired.

These are just a few of the things that gets me inspired. Perhaps some of these have already inspired you. We all need to be inspired. Inspired to do better. Inspired to fulfill our destiny. Inspired to make a change in our lives. Inspired to make a difference in someone else’s life. Why wait. Start applying these simple, yet effective tips to inspire yourself.

Get Inspired. Make a Difference.